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Woocommerce Integration

A one-way sync from Woocommerce to Flash Lead


Track orders, know the purchased items by each customer, and keep an eye on the buyer's journey.

Pain Point

Your orders are not an end to the sales funnel. Every order has its own history and funnel, the required product could be out of stock or low stock, and shipping might take more time than predicted. This needs communication with the customer through an open channel.

Use Cases

A one-way sync from Woocommerce to Flash Lead

When an order is developed by a new customer, the customer’s info will be recorded on Flash Lead. This prevents customer data from being lost and links every order with the customer requested. Moreover, Flash Lead deals with duplicates without issues.

Any order modification on Woocommerce appears on Flash Lead

Modifying any order on Woocommerce, by editing its details, deleting it, or other, automatically appears on the Flash Lead solution. Every action to any order on Woocommerce is directly live on Flash Lead.

Look for orders and filter them

Apply filters to determine the orders you want to view, according to city, category, customer, or others. This facilitates data view and makes everything available to you according to your choices and preferences

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