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The fastest way to transform your growing company’s WhatsApp channel into a world-class customer support & engagement platform with one unified company number to reach your clients where and when they need you the most.

With Flash Lead WhatsApp You’ll Get

Shared team




No code chatbot



24/7 Premium

Flash Lead WhatsApp

to Elevate Your Customer Support

Reach the Right Person at the Right Time

Set up your chatbot and chat routing to the right person at the right moment. Flash Lead WhatsApp’s chatbot and chat routing allows for the right person to take charge of the chat with the client at the exact right moment. No need to reply to every chat and manually assign chats, we’ve got you covered.

Develop Your Next Block-Free Bulk Message Campaign

WhatsApp Official API is a crucial and significant upgrade for medium and large enterprises and companies on the trajectory for growth. As the company size increases, a powerful platform that delivers more opportunities is the approach that leads to more success, growth and customer retention. Scan & Go was just perfect in case you need to manage your customer’s technical issues, responding to his queries, and complaints. However for unlimited Whatsapp marketing campaigns, and attracting an unlimited number of leads to interact with and convert or support, Flash Lead WhatsApp Official API is the right tool for you!

Answer Clients Instantly Using Quick Replies and Automatic Responses

You know your clients more than anyone, that’s why it’s necessary to prepare the frequently asked questions, queries, and requests to be sent right away. Automate your conversation to make every minute efficiently used for your clients and your business as well.

Flash Lead WhatsApp

Manages Your Customer Engagement

Monitor Your Client’s Interaction Rate and Open Rate

You’ve sent a discount or offer to +100 clients. Who saw the message? Who opened it? Who disregarded it? Which team member gets the most replies? All answers are covered in Flash Lead WhatsApp reporting.

Nurture Your Clients With Automatic Notifications

Should your team miss a chat, an automatic notification is sent to the lead to remind him of the company and the message that was delivered. Talk about chat and client capture.

Have a
“To the Point” Reporting Tool

How many messages does your company consume to solve the client’s problem? Or maybe you’ve sent new service launch message to all your clients and you want to know who saw the message and opened it? Who ignored the message? Which messages resonate the most with your clients? Who gets the most replies from your team? The insights Flash Lead WhatsApp provides help you to analyze your after-sales operation, performance, and behavior to better understand and enhance processes for your business.

Flash Lead WhatsApp

Supports Strong Management

Take the Right Action With Every Conversation

Using Flash Lead WhatsApp You can:

Monitor every conversation your business has and track the progress of each chat

Re-assign the conversation to another agent

Reply instead of the salesperson in cases of escalations

Internal Chat with the agent to guide him towards the right action

Flash lead Whatsapp

If your business is growing and so is your customer base, this is the tool you're looking for.
Regardless of your industry, Flash Lead Whatsapp will upgrade your customer support and expand your
engagement scope.

Customer Support

No business will succeed without helpful customer support and customer experience. This is a competitive advantage for many businesses. Flash Lead WhatsApp allows you to receive complaints through chat, have chatbots take the lead till you reach a certain point with our preset automations, then have agents join the chat and give your clients the best solutions and highest quality service possible. All directly from Flash Lead web/apps.

Customer Engagement

Keep your clients engaged and cared for through systemized follow-ups, invoice reminders, payment links, personalized greetings on holidays, and so much more. With Flash Lead WhatsApp, the sky's the limit and your clients are always satisfied.

Low-Friction Marketing

Your clients can receive your new releases, offers, and news via an official channel like WhatsApp through broadcasts. Segment your leads and send tailored messages based on previous interactions to upsell or announce new features. Analyze what is working with your business and what is not, by tracking the insights that capture any gap in every conversation.

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