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Flash Lead CRM Dashboard presents sales charts, number of calls made, missed calls, received messages, and Best Time to Call

Flash Lead CRM

Available in Arabic & English

Easy access via
any device mobile

Internal Chats

Customizable Sales Pipeline

Multiple integrations (Facebook Ads, Google Calendar, and more)

Flash Lead CALL

Local tariffs in
KSA & Egypt


Softphone app

Automated call
routing & IVR

Call recording,
queuing, and call

An incoming call that’s answered and recorded automatically with Flash Lead Call
Flash Lead omni channel Conversation: Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messages, Whatsapp Business in ONE place.

Flash Lead PRO

Fully integrated
Advanced CRM

SMS Marketing

Zoom integration
and meeting

In-App Conversation
(Whatsapp business,

Whatsapp business
used by all the

Flash Lead in 1 year ONLY

4 Hrs
the average time of
Flash Lead usage/
the number of
clients handled
using Flash Lead
the number of
total users for
Flash lead
the number of
actions done
through Flash Lead
Flash lead growth charts and revenue achievements in one year

How Flash Lead helps SMEs through its solution

Flash Lead mobile app Dashboard to boost sales


All business types depend on the Sales department, whether B2B or B2C. Flash Lead puts the sales team first in mind when creating our solutions.

This is why Flash Lead has provided all features and integrations that any salesperson could easily use for lead capture, lead follow-up, while documenting every action that took place with the lead on the system with customizable pipelines, and above and beyond lead import options.

Flash Lead in-app sales and clients insights


Building lasting relationships with consumers is a crucial element of inbound marketing, Flash Lead automates sending SMSs to leads according to the trigger the marketer puts; to deliver his lead the suitable offer, announcement, or greeting. Flash Lead helps any business to attract suitable clients so that the business can establish a strong client base.

Call center and Customer service and how Flash Lead help companies to have their own call center in a more simple way through Flash Lead call VOIP

Customer Service

A call center is necessary for supporting any issue related to the client, and we love human interaction, especially when it’s an issue being reported or a problem that needs assistance.

Flash Lead replaces the costly traditional call center with a virtual call center installed in 24hrs with a unified company number, IVR transmits clients to corresponding team members, all calls are recorded to ensure and optimize quality.

Omni channel conversations help community managers to respond to all their clients across multiple channels.

Community Management

Any business has multiple channels through which leads communicate with business representatives throughout all stages from initial contact to after-sales inquiries. Flash Lead offers an omnichannel conversation integrated to connect all chat platforms with our system, avoiding distraction and time-wasting. Flash Lead provides chatbots to make automated answers to leads’ requests and questions.

A list with different status of leads, with the detailed updated after every interaction to help the management with the internal operations

Internal operations and task management

All lead interactions are recorded and documented on the system. We also offer internal chats to provide direct communication between the leader and employee about a specific lead, this establishes transparency that a business requires.

Everyone needs a Flash Lead solution

Our R&D department is aware of GCC and the Middle East needs

That’s why Flash lead has the ability to customize its workflow and features to perfectly fit your business needs. Flash Lead takes the distinctive journey the region’s buyers go through into consideration, however, this couldn’t be effectively achieved without providing the two languages Arabic and English in the solutions.

We also take into consideration that the buyer’s journey in the middle east is not the same as the journey anywhere else as well as the market maturity. Whether businesses are retailers, banks, distributors, factories, insurance companies, or any other type of business.

Helping SMEs to have a single all in one solution tailored to their actual needs

"Built by sales people for
sales people"

A map indicates countries that use Flash Lead

After Flash Lead,
you’ll have

  • Advanced solutions built for the
    Arab region
  • +10 new features per quarter
  • Increased sales by 18%

How Flash Lead delivers a full overview for any business

Flash Lead Dashboard offers all the updated data any manager needs to check.

  • How many deals have been closed recently?
  • Which employees achieved their targets?
  • What was the revenue last month?
  • What’s the number of calls made?

A Cloud-Based lead management web/Mobile application.

Download Anroid app today,
It’s free!
Download IOS app today,
It’s free!

Webpages that respect UX/UI, allowing the user to have a smooth experience facing no obstacles while enjoying a perfect solution to interact with his client through.

Apps are available on App Store and Google play, to be the personal assistant of any employee, managing his time, deals, and clients’ data.

Our Clients

Flash Lead solutions are used by a wide spectrum of companies. It can be used by a small sales team starting from 3 employees or by big companies with more than 100 salespeople.

Our Plug & Play strategy helped our clients create accounts and onboard their teams in just a few minutes.

Logos of clients of Flash Lead

Flash lead has a diverse portfolio in different sectors as for example real estate, banking, insurance, B2B, education, travel, automotive, retail, and other sectors

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