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WhatsApp Inside

Close more deals in less time with Flash Lead’s WhatsApp Inside. With a unified single number, it is customized for your sales team to communicate with the leads through WhatsApp which is the most used communication platform, in an official way through our platforms, web & mobile app, optimizing your business performance and achieving a significant revenue increase. Use our chat bots to automatically assign conversations and have quick replies to a question or provide a link for the website. It’s all up to YOU.

Your company needs
WhatsApp Inside to

Monitor your business conversations efficiently

Track open deal’s performance via accurate insights

Enhance your business communication with automations

WhatsApp Inside

WhatsApp Business (Regular)

Definition WhatsApp inside Flash Lead platforms (Web/Mobile Apps) A standalone app available on the web and mobile App stores
Used by An unlimited number of Devices and Mobiles Only 1 Mobile + 4 devices
Can send An Unlimited number of messages 256 messages only per time to a list
Performance Tracking Features Available All Features needed to grow
Automation Available Cost Efficient

Top WhatsApp Inside Features

Unified communication platform
Free 24 hrs response window
and tag
Unlimited Users
1 Whatsapp

WhatsApp Inside
Product Add-ons

WhatsApp Scan and Go

Flash Lead always seeks what helps businesses by providing tools tailored to their needs. We offer WhatsApp Scan and Go for Small businesses, where you can scan the QR code, and in one click all your conversations will be available on Flash Lead platforms (Website and Mobile App) and All your team can use one WhatsApp for centralized communication.

WhatsApp Business API

Now that your business has grown, Flash Lead will never let you down! Bigger companies need upgraded solutions. We deliver this add-on for medium and large businesses, the WhatsApp Business API is an official API that empowers your communication with customers to have all your company using one WhatsApp at the same time, with customized features and automation implementation.

Which WhatsApp Inside
Meets your business needs?

WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Scan and Go

Recommended for Entreprise SMEs
Implementation Official Meta approval is required 5 mins. to be active
Connection Expiry Connection is always on Connection expires every
consecutive 14 days
of no
Features All features + API integration All Features needed to grow
Cost Efficiency Cost Increases with # of messages Cost Efficient
Unified WhatsApp for all the company’s sales team
Each sales member can see only his clients
Admins can see and assign conversations
You can reply to your clients on WhatsِApp from Inside Flash Lead website & App

WhatsApp Inside gives a boost to your sales

Increase your Sales Team’s Professionalism

Using a user-friendly platform attracts more leads, however, it also needs control to avoid miscommunication or lack of professionality. That’s why, Flash Lead’s WhatsApp Inside allowed every business manager to access his team conversations with leads, and to seek a better relationship with the lead.

Answer the Lead instantly using Quick Replies

Your business knows its most suitable leads, therefore, it’s easy to formulate their frequently asked questions, queries, and requests. Automate your conversation to make every minute will be efficiently used for your lead and on behalf of your business as well

Interact with the lead through automatic Responses

Design responses that interact with the lead, to confirm the message's delivery, inform the lead that a salesperson will communicate with him/her, this helps the leads before your team could interact offering a better experience to the leads and reducing stress to salespersons.

Nurture your deal with Automatic notifications

Whenever the salesperson forgets about a lead, an automatic notification is sent to the lead to remind him of the company and the offer your salesperson has delivered. This makes WhatsApp Inside the best supporter to you with every deal till closing.

WhatsApp Inside sets strong management

Take the right action with every Conversation

You can monitor every conversation your business has, to track the progress of each deal, or re-assign the conversation to another salesperson, do the reply instead of the salesperson, or tag the salesperson to guide him towards the right action.

Have a Better Reporting

How many messages does it take from your salesperson to close a deal? How do the salespersons react with the lead and pitch the products/services? What are the keywords most of your salespersons use? The insights that WhatsApp Inside provides help you to analyze your sales operation, performance, and behavior to make the right decision

Whatsapp inside Use Cases

If you have a growing sales team, this is the integration you're looking for. Regardless of your industry, Whatsapp Inside will perfect the sales communication through an optimized messaging and management tool.
Send special offers through automated messages that deliver your client a tailored experience according to his preferences and purchasing history. Through WhatsApp Inside, you can also remind your clients of the scheduled meeting and calls to avoid losing their interest or dealing with another firm. And monitor salespersons on nurturing their deals by sending official documents and building rapport.
No business will succeed without the right customer support and customer experience. This is a competitive advantage for many businesses. Using Whatsapp Inside, you can receive tickets or complaints through chat, have chatbots take the lead till you reach a certain point, then join the chat and give your clients the best solutions and best service possible. All from inside Flash Lead web/apps.
Your clients can receive your news releases and news through an official channel like WhatsApp Inside. Segment your leads and send tailored messages based on previous interactions to upsell or announce new features. Analyze what is working with your business and what is not through the insights that capture any gap in any conversation.
Now the client is yours. Great. What’s next? Keep your clients engaged and cared for through follow up surveys, systemized follow ups, personalized greetings on holidays and so much more. With Whatsapp Inside, the sky's the limit and your clients are always satisfied.

Aiming to make every deal a success?