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WhatsApp Business Integration

With every new message, a new lead is saved on Flash Lead


Reply to your leads’ messages directly and support them instantly.


Communicating with your leads and customers could be harder with multiple phone numbers, as it’d be hard to follow and track for managers

Key Features

With every new message, a new lead is saved on Flash Lead

When a new lead sends a message via WhatsApp, the sales rep saves the lead on the solution. This makes every next message the lead sends added to the conversation history. The business now accesses the lead history to know his needs and preferences.

Link conversations to existing leads

When an existing lead on Flash Lead sends a message using a number not saved on the solution, the user can link this message to the existing lead to be part of the lead's communication history. This prevents losing any detail about the lead and provides a 360 on all lead communication across time. Using a single number for the company, your sales reps will reply to the customers' inquiries, requests, and complaints.

Automated notifications and reminders cover you

Creating notifications that alert the leads about the new products, offers, or discounts your business delivers. These notifications are created through a template. Now, you can also send automatic confirmation to appointments, reservations, and classes customers added.

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