Flash Lead CRM

Fully integrated CRM and productivity tool on Android, IOS and web.

More than 10 Updates each year

Available in English And Arabic

Superior UI/UX for ease of use

How it Works

Link your lead sources with few clicks, so they can share data

Pass info between to your team with workflows

Build processes faster and get more revenue

Flash Lead CRM

Top Features

Connect Facebook Leads form to CRM

Connect Google Forms

Easy log in from App & Web

Automatic lead delivery & rotation

For Management :

1 Automated leads Entry & Delivery

Capturing leads instantly and taking immediate action plays a major role in increasing sales revenue. Researchers discovered that contacting your potential client within the first 2 minutes from info submission can increase sales by 280%.

That's why we have automated the lead capture process on all the main channels.

2 Track Communications

All communications with leads are tracked; starting from calls incoming/outcoming, missed calls, whatsapp, meetings and more.

Each action is logged easily and in some cases automated to give everyone a full view of this lead’s history.

3 Teams & Hierarchy

Team Hierarchy is one of the major strength points of our system, you can have a double layer team with separate accessibility and view. (Team Leader and sales)

You have separate teams with different leaders to make sure each manager has the right access.

On top of that you can create “Lists” to separate different locations, projects, or even Lead cycle stages.

4 Reports and Opportunities

Flash lead took the pipeline to a whole new level, where you can see each lead progress, filter your sales pipeline by stage, filter your leads by the ones who have progressed or moved backwards in a period of time, along with a visualization of every single action in your company.

You can create multiple pipelines for each process as well, for example the sales team and the onboarding team can have different pipelines and stages.

For Sales :

1 Reminders & Push Notifications

We believe in the urgency of communication when it comes to sales.Flash Lead CRM has a work of art push notification on mobile apps and websites.

Once a lead is captured from any channel it's instantly connected to the sales team in charge, a push notification is received on Flash Lead’s mobile app to take action.

Push Notifications and Reminder Flags are activated to remind you of your scheduled follow ups, meetings and calls

2 Easy Access Anywhere, Anytime.

With our top of the line mobile application and website you can access your leads and contacts anywhere at any time, with a click of the button.

3 Meeting Scheduling

Schedule meeting with clients in one click and our shared calendar will assure that everyone in your desired network get the pro

4 Deals Creation

Deals and targets were never that easy to track, instead of using the traditional method like google sheets, POS or ERP systems to track sales progress, we introduce “Flash Lead Advance” as the right tool to use because it links every step with the client with a sales revenue, giving you the right insights of what it takes to make a sale in your company.

With our Deals Module track: Pending deals, Payments, Collections, Targets per sale

For Marketing :

1 Connect Leads Automatically

Connect Leads automatically from:

Facebook Leads ads - Excel sheets - Calls

Website - Google forms - E-mail

“Flash Lead CRM ” created a custom built API to automatically connect with all above sources without extra cost or needed integrations

2 Track Communications

Customized SMS marketing tool with your company name with a user experience that makes everything seamless and easy.Now you can launch effective SMS campaigns with a very specific flow in very few steps.

Our Clients

Flash Lead CRM is used by a wide spectrum of companies, It can be used by a small sales Team starting with 3 people or with big companies with more than 100 sales people.

Our Plug & Play strategy helped our clients create accounts and on board their teams in just a few minutes.

Flash lead CRM has a diverse portoflio in different sectors as for example real Estate, banking, insurance, B2B, education, travel, automotive, retail and other sectors.

Sectors using
Flash Lead CRM

Flash lead has the ability to customize its workflow and features to perfectly fit your business needs. Either you are a retailer, bank, distributor, factory, insurance company or any other type of business,

you will find flash Lead fitting perfectly what you need.

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